Son of Violeta Isfel recognizes her work in raising him alone “I am eternally grateful.”


The 37-year-old actress and singer Violeta Isfel, is experiencing one of the most beautiful stages of her life, as she has just married her partner, Raúl Bernal, with whom she had been in a relationship for several years. It was not until these dates that both decided to formalize their commitment and swear eternal love.

Isfel was accompanied at all times by her family and close friends, but without a doubt, the most important person for her is her 18-year-old son, Omar, her faithful life partner and the one who has motivated her to get ahead, work hard and make an effort. For all, you have accomplished so far.

On the occasion of the wedding, Omar was in charge of delivering his mother at the altar, and the camera captured the emotional moment to be able to remember it in the future.

The relationship between mother and son has been complicated at times. Still, for the Mexican actress, it has always been her priority to be able to educate and teach Omar about family values ​​that perhaps she could not learn from her father. Violeta has been a single mother from a very early age. Even so, her son lacked nothing.

Omar, already a young man, takes advantage of the opportunities he has to show off and thank his mother for all the effort she has made for him.

“Before your surprise, I want to tell you that I love you very much, that I know that these days have not been easy for anyone, but we will always be together and I am very grateful for the things that you have always taught me,” said Omar. “I admire the person you are… for me it is a privilege to have you as a mother because of how warrior you are and because I love you very much and because you can do everything you want and I think you have instilled that in me well,” he commented in a video.

Other of her colleagues, classmates and friends also congratulated her on Mother’s Day, and she responded: “Thank you, son, I love you very much. Thank you for choosing me as your mom. You are the greatest adventure of my life.”

After separating from Omar’s father when she was barely a teenager, Violeta had to face reality utterly different from the one she imagined. Although she knew the enormous responsibility she had in her arms, she knew how to escape a dangerous environment and save herself.

“There were things that were too absurd, weird. I started planning my escape. I decided to be a single mom. I made the decision to seek a quality of life and Omar was the biggest engine “

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