‘Relationship Expert’ Wants Parents To Get Baby’s Consent Before Changing A Nappy


In life, one thing we know for sure is that everyone has an opinion. Some will go to great lengths to express their opinion, even if not many are paying attention.

It’s amazing how the Internet allows anyone to express their opinions and share them with the world. What’s even more interesting is that the more unusual the opinion, the more attention it tends to get.

An expert is currently going through an unusual situation due to their advice for parents. They claim to be a relationship expert and suggest that parents should seek permission before changing a diaper.

We understand that consent is a topic of concern nowadays, and it can be challenging to handle. But for many parents, asking a baby’s permission before changing a dirty diaper is simply not an option.

Most parents aren’t thrilled about changing diapers, but it’s necessary for raising happy and healthy children. Asking for permission beforehand just adds an extra layer of inconvenience.

Deanne Carson, a self-proclaimed ‘sexuality educator, speaker, and author,’ is causing a stir with her unique advice for parents.

In 2018, she appeared on ABC to share these valuable thoughts. She mentioned that this practice is usually carried out with children aged three and above, but she also emphasized the significance of introducing consent at a younger age.

She acknowledges that infants may not be able to verbally consent, but they can communicate nonverbally through eye contact and other means.

She states that it involves establishing a culture of consent at home, and inquiring if it’s alright to change the diaper before proceeding.

Carson elaborated on the process, mentioning that taking a pause for anticipation and observing nonverbal signals can enhance communication between parents and toddlers.

The reporters’ reaction to the suggestion was truly fascinating. They were not only very vocal but also curious about what would occur if the baby refused.

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