Some people are making fun of Paris Hilton’s runway walk, while others are giving her compliments.


Paris Hilton, a 42-year-old fashion icon, walked the runway for a well-known brand at Paris Fashion Week. She stepped away from her usual “Barbie” look and wore all black, but it was her unique runway walk that has become a viral sensation, sparking conversations.

Paris Hilton took part in Paris Fashion Week.

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Paris Hilton walked the runway for Mugler at their star-studded fashion show. The fashionista was decked out in all-black attire, including her heels and a bag. Her hair was pulled back into a bun, and she wore minimal makeup with strikingly bold and large eyeliner.

Her runway walk has generated a lot of attention and discussion.

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As Paris confidently and stylishly strutted down the runway, her walk stirred up diverse opinions among viewers. In a video of her walk, some noticed what they considered an “unusual” quality to her stride.

Others showed their strong support for the star, especially praising the incredible appearance of her legs. One fan exclaimed, “I’m amazed by her toned legs,” while another person added, “Those legs?!? I don’t care how she walks, these legs are goals ?.”

Paris has always had her unique way of walking.

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Throughout the years, Paris has sort of made her distinctive walk her own trademark. A fan rightly observed, “She’s doing her walk. She’s been doing it since the ’90s, and she’s never going to attempt to walk like a traditional catwalk model because she is Paris Hilton.”

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