Snoopy in real life: dog named Bayley is the cartoon dog’s identical twin


Snoopy is loved by everyone, being one of the most famous cartoon dogs worldwide and the adventurous pet beagle of Charlie Brown.

At the moment, Bayley, a live pet dog that resembles Snoopy, is creating a buzz online.

The similarities are surprising. Even though Bayley is a Mini Sheepadoodle and Snoopy is a beagle, Bayley could easily be mistaken for Snoopy’s twin because of her white body and black ears.

Bayley caught everyone’s eye when @doodledogsclub compared him to Snoopy on Instagram. That’s when Bayley became famous.

The account described Bayley as the ideal real-life representation of our beloved cartoon dog, with its large ears and cute button nose. The photo garnered more than 1.2 million likes on Instagram.

Furthermore, Bayley is the main user on her personal Instagram profile, which boasts over 180,000 followers.

Bayley’s owners frequently update the page with delightful pictures of the cute dog enjoying herself. In a video, the dog can be seen happily enjoying a special treat from Starbucks called a “pup cup.”

Bayley was born on May 4, 2021, so she will be 2 years old very soon.

Bayley is a mini sheepadoodle, which is a mix between an English sheepdog and a miniature poodle. This hybrid breed is famous for its friendly and playful nature.

Spike, the real dog owned by Charles M. Schulz, was the inspiration for Snoopy. Snoopy, who first appeared in a comic strip in 1950, has become one of the most famous characters worldwide.

See more adorable photos of Bayley:

You can follow Bayley’s Instagram for more adorable photos!

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