Six New York boys put up with their classmates’ crude humor and mockery.


Six boys from New York endured mean comments and teasing from their classmates due to their long hair. However, when their mother found out, she made them all get haircuts! This made the others feel guilty and they started crying, realizing the true reason behind their desire to have long hair.

Six boys, including two sets of twins, a 10-year-old boy, a pair of triplets, and Phoebe Kannisto, reside in Cheektowaga, New York. All of them decided to grow their hair long, resulting in their classmates teasing them on a daily basis.

No one knew why the six children all decided to grow their hair out so long at the same time. Not even their parents understood why they made that choice. Despite being young, they had a strong motivation.

They had a family friend who was the same age as them, and they felt a deep sense of pride for him. Unfortunately, their friend had lost his battle with cancer. They vividly remembered how he had lost his hair due to the cancer treatment before he passed away. The loss of their friend left them heartbroken, prompting them to take action to support young children affected by this terrible disease and experiencing hair loss.

The six children had a plan to grow out their hair very long so they could donate it to a non-profit organization that supports children with illnesses causing hair loss. When their mother found out about their selfless decision, she was touched and decided it was time for them to get a haircut after months of dedication to growing and maintaining their hair. Everyone was impressed by the maturity and unity shown by the kids.

The children’s hard work paid off when they found out they had gathered a surprising 5 meters of hair. Those who had doubted them were now amazed by what they had achieved. It’s a reminder for all of us to help those in need, just like these kids did.

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