Single mothers are the bravest women


We must start from the idea that when a woman decides to conceive a child with her partner, she does so with the faithful conviction that this person will remain by your side at all times, taking care of you and the well-being of your child, is what They teach us from a young age and it is with the social idea that we grow as the years go by.

It is for this reason that today we see the fact that a woman decides to take control of her life and raise her children alone as something atypical or socially frowned upon, either because the relationship did not work out, because she got tired of receiving ill deals, or because simply the “father” of the creature never turned the page and did not want to assume the responsibilities that bringing a child into the world entails.

Despite the fact that most of us women dream of a perfect marriage, where love and respect abound, we see how today many women are not tolerating living a life full of unhappiness, now we are much braver because we know what we are worth. and we know everything we can achieve by our own means, we are much more self-confident women, warriors and willing to get ahead with our children.

Unfortunately, we still see some societies or cultures that associate the dissolution of marriage as a failure for women, being the opposite, since they demonstrate in this way how strong and courageous they can be when they put their happiness and above all their emotional well-being before regardless of what others may think.

Single mothers must fully cover the needs of their children and provide them with the emotional security they need, achieving a perfect balance between motherhood and work, this being one of the hardest aspects to assimilate, since many times it is not He has the help of a direct relative who is trustworthy enough to care for our children, so we have no other options than to leave them in a nursery for a few hours so that we can work and thus cover the basic needs that they deserve. .

All this because when you are a single mother you have all the responsibility of the home, from housework, paying the bills, taking care of the children and everything that living alone entails. This is not something that any woman can bear, only those warrior and brave women are capable of carrying that hard work under their shoulders and still be happy and thus give the best of themselves to their children.

Single mothers have the pressure to be the best example for their children, since they are the only one they have, they must be mothers and fathers at the same time, teach and educate their children as they expect them to be treated later by society, children and respectful girls, with values ​​and above all love for others. In this way they will grow up being strong children, ready to integrate into society.

It is time to move forward as a society, stop thinking that women fail in their lives because they do not form a conventional home. It is time to open our eyes and realize that women are as capable as any man and that if they are not valued in a place, they can run away without any problem knowing that they can get ahead and achieve all their goals without having to abandon or push aside their children.

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