Simply put, I am a happily married straight man who enjoys dressing femininely by donning skirts and high heels.


Historians agree that men were the first to wear high heels, which were created for them about the year 1000. Some guys in the modern period are once again donning high heels, and the sight of males in such footwear has made its way into popular culture. Mark Bryan, a 61-year-old German engineer, has recently taken to wearing skirts and high heels to work. His good looks inspire people to abandon prejudice and embrace individual style.

For our part, here at Bright Side, we’re big fans of the style Mark displays on his profile and would love it if you took the time to learn more about him.

For this dude, skirts and heels are more than simply clothing options.

Upon first glance, Mark Bryan, a robotics engineer and father of three, seems just like normal other guy. He usually has a full schedule between job and caring for his family. His excellent good looks aren’t typical “dad stuff,” but they’ve gotten him a lot of attention online recently, and he now has a following of almost 200,000 on Instagram.

Four years ago, he began to make big changes in the way he dressed.. He now wears red pumps, plaid miniskirts, and suede boots every day.which Bryan wears with midi pencil skirts and short pencil skirts.. While sharing The daily looks he’s, he openly discusses how his taste in clothes is as average as the rest of his behavior.

When he dresses up, he feels stronger and more assured in himself.

He claims he prefers skirts to dresses because he can create a more ambiguous gender presentation by wearing a skirt with a masculine top and a feminine bottom. He is quite interested in the concept of gender-neutral clothing. He remarked that he feels most confident in himself when he is wearing a skirt because there is such a vast variety of colors and styles available compared to regular “masculine” trousers.

All four of his family members are on board with his vision and goals.

When he initially broached the subject with his kids, he sought to assure them that his penchant for eccentric ensembles had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. His daughter is a huge fan and would love to borrow some of her dad’s sneakers.

His wife has always been there for him, and she even assists him when picking out clothes. In his own words, he was motivated to change his look after seeing Meghan Markle in the role of Rachel.

Mark has picked up the skills he needs to deal with the reaction of the public swiftly.

Because of his unconventional style, he had to endure a barrage of criticism. Nonetheless, many guys at Mark’s workplace and in the wider community attest to the fact that he is a typical guy who can hold his own in a macho conversation and exhibits typical masculine behavior. He always responds to inquiries about his sexuality by questioning if they would be as intrigued if he were wearing pants. Although these queries sometimes make him angry, he admits that in the long run, people nearby don’t really give a damn about what other people are wearing.

Do you have any go-to outfits that you wear regardless of what others say?

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