How Victoria Principal, who played Pamela Barnes Ewing in “Dallas,” looks at 72 will make you gasp


She’s one of the most beautiful women ever, both inside and out!

Victoria Principal gained global recognition for her portrayal of Pamela Barnes Ewing, a role that brought her immense fame as the TV show Dallas became one of the most popular soap operas in television history.

Victoria was born in Japan on January 3, 1950. Her father, a United States Air Force Sergeant, was stationed in Fukuoka at the time. She lived there for the first few months of her life. Throughout her childhood, Victoria had to switch schools 17 times because her family kept moving to different places.

She first appeared on TV, in a commercial, at the age of five, but it’s not like she believed acting would become her calling.

Source: Facebook / Victoria Principal

When talking about her childhood, it’s rumored that she faced challenges due to her difficult relationship with her mother. In a 2012 interview with Huffington Post, the actress expressed her wish that she had known her childhood would come to an end. On another occasion, she mentioned feeling fortunate that her parents raised her to believe in equality.

Victoria had made up her mind to pursue a career as a doctor. She was well on her way to achieving her dream until an unfortunate car accident left her with severe injuries. In order to recover, she had to take a break from her studies. Unfortunately, this meant missing out on a lot of college coursework and having to start her first year all over again. At that time, she was not willing to go through it all over again.

Source: Flickr / Jim Ellwanger

She landed one of her initial film roles as the mistress of Roy Bean in the movie “The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean” starring Paul Newman. This performance led to a Golden Globe nomination for best newcomer.

Victoria discovered that acting was demanding and exhausting as she received more offers, prompting her to transition to working as a talent agent.

About two years later, she landed the part of Pamela Barnes Ewing.

When it comes to time, she remembered: “I had stopped acting to become an agent and was heading towards law school. However, when a friend gave me a Dallas script, I decided to read it. After finishing it, I realized that my life had taken a different turn – that role was meant for me. So, I contacted the casting person and told them, ‘I’m sending someone in.’ They asked, ‘Who?’ I replied, ‘Just write down my name. It will be a surprise.’ And indeed, it was a surprise – I showed up as myself! I auditioned for the role on my own!”

The series turned up to be a huge hit which put Victoria on the pedestal. When Dallas premiered, she was 28 years old. For her part, she was nominated for a Golden Globe and two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Source: Facebook / Victoria Principal

In 1987, Victoria decided to leave the series. There were many speculations about why she made this decision. She explained to the New York Times that she had put a lot of effort into distinguishing herself from her character, Pam Ewing. Continuing on the show would have solidified her fate in the industry, so she chose to step down.

Victoria has been married two times. Both of her marriages ended in divorce. Despite not having any children of her own, she shares a close bond with her second husband’s son and daughter from his previous marriage.


When she moved on from Dallas, she founded her skincare company, Principal Secret, which turned into an empire with a yearly revenue of $1.5 billion. According to reports, the actress’ net worth is $350 million.

Despite leading the company for years, she chose to take a step back and concentrate on her foundation, The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence. She expressed her ongoing commitment to managing her skincare company, Principal Secret, which is approaching its 27th year in business. She also acknowledged the role of Dallas in helping her achieve her dreams during an interview with TV Insider in 2018.

Source: Facebook / Victoria Principal

The actress, who is now 72 years old, still possesses her timeless beauty and charm. She remains highly engaged on social media, sharing pictures of herself and the animals she supports. Additionally, she delights her followers with nostalgic photos from the series that had a profound impact on her life.

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