Sherlyn’s son wears heirloom clothing, and the actress explains who it comes from.


At just two years old, little André is quite the fashionista, showing off his adorable looks on his mom’s networks. However, not all of his wardrobe comes from Sherlyn’s bag.

It is well known that children’s and baby clothing is a necessary investment but one that does not last very long. The little ones grow by leaps and bounds and leave the clothes almost new. Thus, many resorts to second-hand garments inherited from cousins ​​or brothers.

Since debuting as a mommy in May 2020, actress Sherlyn has openly shared how she raises her son André with her fans. It is normal to see her in question-and-answer sessions on her Instagram account. In this space, she delves into her facet as her mother, and it is in this dynamic that she reveals where her son’s style comes from.

The actress is well aware that, on many occasions, children’s clothes are only good for one set. In the blink of an eye, the kids are four inches taller, and those new Levi’s jeans will fit you like a puddle jumper.

In this sense, Sherlyn shared that many of the clothes we can see in André are not new. «The clothes of André’s friends and cousins ​​​​pass into André’s hands. I am completely in favor of recycling clothes ».

The 37-year-old actress clarified that much of the clothing is in excellent condition, so it is a good idea that many children can use them.

“Children grow up so fast that they don’t have time to spend them. So, what a father that he can pass through several hands and just as he no longer fits, the clothes go ».

This cycle of use does not stop with little André. In addition to wearing inherited clothing, he also lets his style pass on to others after him.

«André’s clothes that no longer fit him are given away. It passes into the hands of the children of my friends, it passes into the hands of children who are in a difficult situation”.

So far, it is known that André gives away his clothes to cousins, friends or children who need them. But probably, several pieces may pass into the hands of his future little sister or brother.

Sherlyn revealed that it is in her plans to venture to have her second pregnancy, with which she hopes to give André the title of an older brother. Ideally, from a girl.

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