She was cleaning the backyard and when she lifted up an old mattress she found 5 puppies


The person was quite surprised when she chose to tidy up the garden. Beneath an old mattress, she discovered five puppies. Thinking it would be wise to bring them to an animal shelter, they were in for a shock when they discovered what these puppies actually were a week later.

Craig Mcgettrick and his coworker were tidying up the garden when they stumbled upon an old, dirty mattress. To their surprise, they found 5 small chicks hiding underneath it.

Craig stated that the initial idea was that someone was aware of our plan to dispose of the garbage and intentionally discarded it, anticipating that we would collect it.

The man was unsure at first, but then he realized the chicks needed proper care. Craig placed the chicks in a box and brought them to an animal shelter. The situation changed when a fox organization founder saw Craig’s pictures with the small animals on social media.

The organization’s founder mentioned that a kind lady found them on Facebook and shared pictures of puppies, wondering if they could be fox pups. Upon seeing the photos, the founder became certain that they were indeed fox cubs.

Five animals were living in the animal shelter, and everyone mistook them for dogs. The national fox organization discovered that the fox’s mother had used a mattress as a den to raise her pups there. They decided to attempt reuniting the pups with their mother, but they were unsure how to do it.

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