She was born without arms, but she became a mother and a tireless fighter.


When Sarah Talby was born, she did not have both arms. She never lacked anything because she never knew what it was like to have those two limbs, so from a young age, she learned to dress, hold a spoon, comb her hair, cook, and clean the house, all with their own feet.

Initially, it was challenging for her to go to school. When her classmates learned to write with their hands, she had to take another path to not be left behind, but she did it.

As the years passed, Sarah learned to do her makeup, comb her hair and paint her nails with her friends. At that time, she began to be interested in painting and began to make paintings.

She was always very applied at school, and foreign languages ​​caught her attention, so she decided to enter the Higher Institute of Translation and Interpreting in Brussels and study English and Spanish.

She also applied for an Erasmus scholarship and moved into the same apartment with several friends. During her stay, she could experience everyday things like anyone else.

In September 2018, without giving much information, Sarah had Lilia, a beautiful baby who is now four years old. “It’s a great achievement to become a mother. It’s my greatest achievement,” Talby said. Her girl was born completely healthy and without any hereditary genetic disease.

Although she did not have the support of her father, she was always unequivocal that she had to take her little girl forward. Although she had many challenges, she learned to care for a newborn and be responsible for her needs.

Currently, Sarah and Lilia live very calmly together and have fun as a family. For the little girl, there is nothing wrong or strange about her mother. At 38 years old, the native of Belgium learned to do more things than we could imagine with just her feet.

In his social networks, you can follow his day-to-day and life updates. Sarah works from home to spend quality time with her daughter, plus she constantly shares some actions that may seem easy to others but take a little longer for her to perfect.

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