“She was asking for help”; A significant rescue by two youngsters.


Life is a blend of experiences. Some are expected, while some are not at all. Here is the story of an unexpected but life-saving experience by two teenagers.

Jamal Harris and Aaron Arias, the heroes of our story, were two ordinary teenagers. While they were up to pick a friend from work, they noticed a sight that grabbed their attention.

A car came to the red light in Seagoville, where they had already halted. There they noticed a girl in the back seat. She looked so cute, that they had a little peek at her.

The boys started chatting about the appearance of the girl for a while. But it was until they realized that something was going wrong.

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The girl looked frightened, and at the same time, the person in the driving seat didn’t seem to like them looking at her. He gave a suspicious glance at the boys. 

While all these were happening, Jamal tried reading the girl’s lips. She was asking for help. It was the moment they perceived that something was going wrong. They had to decide what to do, and the time left was till the lights turned green.

Suddenly the girl started to panic, pounding on the rear window. It was the confirmation the boys needed. That assured she was in mortal danger. It was only them that could save her. Their friend could wait for some more time to get picked up.

Immediately they called the police and detailed what they had just witnessed. The car started moving forward, and they started following. It was already a half-hour to follow. Things got worse when then the kidnapper noticed that he was being followed.

Suddenly, the kidnapper started to respond. His driving became vulnerable. Aaron further said that the kidnapper was driving much faster for a while and then slower in the intention to shake them off. But they managed to catch up to the vehicle on sight and continued following.

The suspect knew it was not over for him since he was already undercover. Aaron and Jamal too were not worried that they knew it would be at any moment the police would arrive. As expected, the police showed up.

They felt delighted watching the scene of justice being served. It was a kind of a victory for the fellow teenagers.

 The police took steps to take the suspect under their custody. Along with that, details on the crime started to get revealed. The suspect following the 25-year-old lady to her car had hit her with a gun. With that hit on the head, he was suspected of attempting sexual assault and murder.

Thanks to the teenagers, the lady is in safe hands, and she was very grateful towards the boys. The situation may have turned into a dark tragedy if the boys weren’t at the right place at the right time. They received a warm and thankful hug from the lady that symbolized it was the ultimate victory.

Charles Atkins Lewis Jr, the suspect got in the hands of the police while he was in action. For good of all, it should provide the law officials with extra support to get him behind bars.

Finally, the young heroes saved the day. It was all of their quick processing and braveness. Working for the good never leaves you down. Jamal and Aaron, you are real heroes. 

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