She used to be a beauty queen many years ago, and at 64, she still looks youthful.


Maribel Guardia, a name associated with enduring beauty and elegance, gained fame as a beauty queen long ago. At the age of 64, she still looks remarkably youthful, defying the effects of time. In a time where many strive to look young, Maribel’s lasting charm and impressive physique showcase her exceptional genetics, unwavering commitment to fitness, and unbeatable spirit.

Maribel Guardia used to be a beauty queen many years ago.

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Maribel Guardia’s successful career traces back to her days as a beauty queen when she won the title of Miss Costa Rica in 1978. Born in Costa Rica and later establishing herself in Mexico, she has become a versatile artist, thriving as an actress, model, singer, dancer, and TV hostess. Her remarkable journey took off with her participation in the Miss Universe 1978 pageant, laying the foundation for her celebrated and diverse entertainment career.

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Maribel Guardia’s involvement in beauty pageants boosted her career.

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Maribel’s participation in the Miss Universe competition didn’t lead to her becoming a finalist, but it brought her a unique form of recognition. She was awarded the title of “Miss Photogenic,” a distinction that turned out to be a crucial milestone in her career. Her experience at Miss Universe paved the way for opportunities in the Mexican film industry, where she established herself through roles in various movies.

Maribel Guardia’s long-lasting career in the entertainment industry has exceeded four decades. Throughout the years, she has displayed her talent and timeless beauty in a diverse range of theatrical performances, soap operas, films, reality shows, and other productions. Her career stands as proof of her enduring grace that appears to transcend the passage of time.

The former beauty queen shared her beauty tips.

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Maribel Guardia, at 64, appears as youthful as she did at 19, and this has her fans curious about her beauty regimen. To maintain her radiant skin, her key approach is a daily ice-cold facial massage for a firmer appearance. Most importantly, Maribel highlights the significance of self-love, stating that genuine beauty starts with accepting oneself.

Maribel Guardia also promotes regular exercise, advising at least an hour a day. For those with busy schedules, she suggests a short but intense seven-minute workout. Mindful eating is equally important, as it not only helps maintain a fit body but also enhances overall health and wellness.

Maribel Guardia has been affectionately called a “sexy grandma.”

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Maribel gracefully accepts her age, recognizing that perpetual youth is an unrealistic goal. Throughout her life, she has endured the deep pain of losing her son. Yet, amidst these challenges, she discovers comfort and happiness in the company of her cherished grandson, José Julián. He is not only the center of her world but also a wellspring of profound love and joy.

maribelguardia / Instagram

maribelguardia / Instagram

Maribel Guardia has affectionately been called a “sexy grandma.” Her ageless beauty, elegance, and lasting attractiveness make it clear that age is merely a number for this extraordinary grandmother, who still captivates with her charm and allure.

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