She thought she would never marry: a 60-year-old woman found the love of her life.


There came the point when Emita felt resigned to staying single for the rest of her life in Peru. But now she lives happily married next to her “German giant”.

People commonly say that love comes in unexpected ways and at any point in life. As we grow up, we have different experiences, and you may have had a boyfriend from age 15 or even 25. However, not everyone lives simultaneously, and romance may not knock on all doors. Therefore, some may feel frustrated or disappointed that they do not find their complete orange despite the fact that they want it.

Many eventualities may have helped or prevented the arrival of the ideal couple. But people’s paths converge in unexpected ways, and it may not have been the timing, or they just gave you time to enjoy being single.

Surprises come wrapped in mysterious ways, just like this woman from Peru known as @emita.lapetite on TikTok. As reported by the Milenio media, the 60-year-old woman shared in a publication that she had always dreamed of getting married. However, she thought she would never be fulfilled at her age.

As the years pass, many are resigned to the fact that this stage of falling in love and marriage will never come. This since many around them have already made their lives, starting a family, so the older, the fewer singles there are.

But Ermita’s reality suddenly changed, and she let it be seen when she uploaded several photos appearing with her husband.

“Me resigning myself to being alone at 60 since I would not marry as I always dreamed of until my German giant appeared,” wrote the woman, who thought she would never find her soul mate.

Emita did not share the details of how she met her husband, but she did explain that he invited her to go live with him in Germany and that she is now learning the language little by little. Although it may seem difficult, she feels very happy and in love.

The video went viral, and people wrote him many congratulatory messages for finding love and fulfilling his dream of getting married. Along with this, many thanked her because her publication served to learn from these situations and make it clear that you should never lose hope.

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