She Quit Her Job To Work As A Pet At OF And Now She’s A Millionaire: Puppy Girl Jenna.


The new OF star already has millions of followers on his various social networks.

After the emergence of the pandemic and the subsequent isolation that was imposed, many people lost their jobs. It was then that some found a unique opportunity in social networks, mainly in the famous exclusive content platform.

OF is a paid subscription social network in which hundreds of celebrities offer exclusive content for those who pay the monthly fee. However, its real strength and what it has become famous for is the adult material on offer. Although it is now difficult to stand out among so much content that is shared, the well-known model Jenna achieved the impossible and now she lives from the photos and videos that she shares, becoming a millionaire.

This 22-year-old girl went viral a few years ago for the big turn she gave her life. According to various media, she had a common life. She went to work, from her house to work and from work to her house, nothing out of the ordinary. But one day she made the decision to open an OF account and try her luck to see if people would pay for her exclusive stuff.

Although Jenna did not get off to a good start, she did not give up and thought about creating a “character”, specifically that of a puppy. Thereafter she started acting like a dog to please her fans and it resulted in great success. In fact, now the description of her is as follows:

“Hello ?My name is Jenna, I am a s@d0m @ s0qu1st @ puppy who loves to do things…

let me help you?”

After the triumph of her character, Jenna wanted to attract more audiences and created a profile on TikTok, where thousands of views are added every day. However, the platform’s policies forced her to close her account. Still, this helped her success in OF her only increase.

The model uses her Twitter account to give “a preview” of what can be seen on “the blue platform”. In addition to the puppy role, Jenna shares her everyday life. All this caused a stir on social networks, where some claimed that it was a great strategy, while other people asked him to stop creating content because it encouraged men to have macho and den1grant3s attitudes against women. women.

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