Mother posts picture breastfeeding toddler in public – she finally responds to all the backlash


She posted a picture of herself breastfeeding in a Costco. Not everyone was happy with her decision to breastfeed in public, but now she finally responds in the most shocking way! Check the comments…

Breastfeeding in public can be controversial. Some think it’s fine to feed babies whenever they’re hungry, while others find it embarrassing. Those who feel uncomfortable may not realize that breastfeeding is a natural and important part of motherhood.

Many moms feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public due to judgmental looks and remarks, but this particular mother doesn’t.

Trinati is a mother to a 17-month-old daughter. She breastfeeds her whenever the little one is hungry. However, this has caused her to face uncomfortable situations. For instance, employees at stores have asked her to hide in broom closets while feeding her baby.


Trinati took action to raise awareness, firmly believing that breastfeeding is a natural and wonderful process that no mother should feel ashamed of.

While nursing her daughter at Costco, she requested her son to snap a photo that she shared on social media. “I always make sure to meet my children’s needs no matter where we are.”

Apart from dealing with stares and judgment from strangers, she also receives numerous inquiries from her loved ones. Whenever they ask, “How long will you continue doing ‘that’?” her response remains consistent, “As long as she requires me to!” Subsequently, jokes ensue, with some individuals laughing and suggesting that she might breastfeed her daughter until she reaches kindergarten.

The mother is tired of people sexualizing her breastfeeding and criticizing her for it. In an interview, she mentioned, “Have you ever seen breastfeeding breasts? My nipples are definitely not something to fantasize about!”

She continued, “These are essentially milk producers at the moment. Stop being so self-centered! I’m not attempting to take your partner away with these breasts! To me, they have transformed into something far beyond just a sexual aspect of my body. Currently, they are dedicated to my child for sustenance, both physically and emotionally.”

She wants people to understand that breastfeeding is a natural way to nourish a child and should not be viewed as sexual.

She mentioned that not all men or those who have never breastfed can comprehend how mothers endure nipple-pinching or acrobatics while breastfeeding. She has experienced strange looks and awkward laughs when people see her 1.5-year-old standing on her lap while nursing, sometimes on one leg!


She mentioned that she had her son snap a picture of them at Costco so she can always remember (and show her daughter later on) the extent to which mothers will go to make sure their children are taken care of in any circumstance.

In the caption of her Instagram post, she expressed that her baby’s needs are her top priority, regardless of anyone else’s opinions or attempts to make her feel uncomfortable while nourishing and comforting her children in public.


Trinati desires her children to understand that they will forever be her top concern, regardless of what others may think.

She emphasized the importance of trust in building strong relationships, highlighting the role of care received during childhood. She expressed her belief that breastfeeding is a way to demonstrate trust to her children, stating that she will never feel ashamed of nursing her baby in any setting.

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