The child, only 13 years old, had terrible marks on her neck


She looked at her little girl and saw these wounds on her neck. When she realized what had happened, she shuddered! Be careful, it can happen to your child as well.

Leaving our phones plugged in after they are fully charged can potentially harm the battery over time. However, we should also consider the impact on the charger itself. Keeping the charger constantly plugged into the wall outlet, whether it’s near the bed or sofa, may result in additional expenses or pose a safety risk.


Many incidents have been reported where phones caught fire or exploded while being charged. To prevent such accidents, it is important to use a genuine charger and make sure that nothing obstructs the phone while it charges. This allows the heat produced to disperse safely.

Regrettably, it is unsafe for the user to use the phone while it is charging, as demonstrated by the incident involving a 13-year-old girl from the United States.

The girl’s mother noticed unusual red marks on her daughter’s neck after she mentioned feeling pain.

Her mom took her to the doctor because the burns were severe. It was discovered at the hospital that she received the burns while chatting with a friend on her phone, which was charging from a wall socket. The burns were caused by an electric arc due to the metal necklace she was wearing.

The mother is currently spreading her daughter’s story to help stop others from getting hurt like her daughter did.

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