She keeps feeding her five-year-old son: “I have a special bond with my baby.”


Feeding a baby with your milk is one of the most natural things, and it helps to create that special bond that is established between a mother and a child. Each woman independently decides the duration of breastfeeding, which is not the same for all. Indeed, however, when the child begins to grow the definitive passage to the next step, that of more or less solid foods , occurs spontaneously. This, at least, in the majority of cases, but some mothers choose to postpone breastfeeding even for a much longer time than the standard one: this is the case of an Australian woman, harshly criticized for continuing to breastfeed her baby.5 years .

Laure McLeod , of Perth, Australia, has sparked a heated debate on the web about her choice to still feed her son, Bowie , with breast milk, despite the baby being five years old . ” My son and I have a wonderful bond and I’m really grateful to be able to support his growth with my milk,” said the woman, who shared her choice on her social media through numerous photos.

While some experts recommend continuing breastfeeding for as long as possible, others embrace the limited time theory, but Laure’s case surpasses the statistics. In any case, McLeod shares her decision without hesitation, which she defends with conviction , meeting numerous criticisms from users.

“I have been very fortunate to have had a relatively simple breastfeeding journey with minimal problems, the benefits far outweigh any difficulties that can be encountered,” she said. “My children and I have a wonderful relationship and I am happy to be able to support their physical and mental development with my breast milk, as well as give them that sense of comfort and safety they feel while breastfeeding.”

Laure does not give any weight to the negative judgments about her choice, which she considers as a consequence of a scarce and incorrect information on this issue. “Many of the unfavorable views on this topic are often based on a lack of education about it and it’s part of the reason why I share my story: helping people understand that the termination of breastfeeding depended on nature , the woman’s body and it happens spontaneously. “

This mother therefore has very clear ideas about it. What do you think about it?

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