She is praised for carrying her drunken boyfriend on her back: “it’s true love”.


This girl had no problem with her partner’s weight, and she carried him to take him to rest.

Love is a force that moves mountains, or at least in love stories, this happens. Still, in real life, those in love can do anything to save their loved ones. Even in difficult moments, lovers run to offer support. Stable relationships have no problem putting in a little more effort to help the person they care about.

Or at least this young girl does not have it, as she demonstrated her dedication and love for her partner and became very well known.

She carried her boyfriend on her back when he was in such a drunken state that it reached a point where he could no longer walk on his own. The boy couldn’t get anywhere alone. He seemed to be unaware of what was happening around him.

Although the boy’s condition seems obvious, the exact details of the situation are unknown. All we have is a single video posted on TikTok by user @marcos10gf, which has gone quite viral.

Only 10 seconds of video were needed to understand the deep love that the girl must feel for her boyfriend. Although the boy was indeed a dead weight in his state, she didn’t hesitate to load him on her back to take him to a place where she could rest.

This young woman has received much applause on the internet for her supportive attitude towards her girlfriend because even though he was very drunk, she never left him alone. She also understood how risky it was for him to fend for himself at that moment.


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“Those women are worth a lot and there are few, it’s a true love, blessings,” wrote a user. “Only a reciprocated love will do it,” said a second. “This is when someone really loves you,” added a third.

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