She is over 50 years old and decided to keep her hair natural. Everyone loves her gray hair and praises her


This influencer shared her natural appearance on her Instagram. Her fans went crazy to the point that some even violated her privacy.

Annika von Hold is a bestselling author and influencer from Denmark. She has written four bestselling mystery novels. In turn, her fans highly appreciate Annika, who continually praise her for her beautiful appearance, even considering that the author is already over 50 years old.

Most beauty experts do not hesitate to say that the most important thing is to show a youthful appearance. For this reason, many women who dedicate themselves to modeling, acting, or living from their image, in general, begin their careers at a very young age. On the one hand, it seeks to take advantage of the years of youth and, on the other, to be able to extend his career as much as possible.

In previous years it was customary for women who dedicated themselves to beauty after age 35 to see their job offers diminished. Fortunately, today this is no longer the case. Now they have learned to appreciate feminine beauty from different angles and accept that beauty is precisely subjective.

In the case of Annika, her age does not seem to be a problem for her followers since, at 50, she decided that she was tired of dyeing her hair, and her fans did not hesitate to support her.

Although it was some time ago that she made the decision, she does remember the effects very well. In an interview with the Daily Star, the writer recounted how she appeared with her natural gray hair before the public.

“My hair has never been prettier or healthier than now. It’s rather outrageously silver and it comes down to my waist, so people notice it. I get lots of compliments on it. My hair is always a topic, no matter the event. Strangers stop me on the street, even grumpy airport security people stop to compliment my hair when I walk past them. “

It’s not all hunky-dory, though, as despite many praising her looks, her gray hair has drawn some awkward attention. Many men harass her on social networks and send her messages with photos of her private parts. She does not get tired of clarifying that she does not enjoy this content and has not asked for it at any time. Unfortunately has had to learn to ignore it.

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