She has already been 12 years on a cruise ship paying $164,000 per year for her retired life.


The 93-year-old Mama Lee decided to sail throughout her retirement, and she hasn’t looked back. It’s been 12 years already and increasing.

Do you have any plans for your retirement?

So if you are still at your younger age or maybe in your mid-age, you would have not thought of any plans after retirement. Some would question – why so early to think of retirement? Yet it may need more time and effort to plan a meaningful retirement.

However, if you’re one of the fortunate few approaching retirement age, the life ahead might be your most desired prize after all your toil and hard labour.

Everyone else is looking for something straightforward.

Building a wonderful country retirement house, for example.

A typical retirement would have a modest, peaceful space for yourself or your partner, overlooking a lovely garden. It will be ideal if it offers a pleasant outlook.

In case more people may like to live in a retirement home.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a sizable savings account and be financially ready for retirement.

They would remain with their children if they didn’t have a care home, which isn’t that horrible. At the very least, you’ll see your grandkids grow up.

Some people retire to a luxury lifestyle in rare instances.

Mama Lee operated in this manner.

Mama Lee Wachtstetter, also known as Lee Wachtstetter, is well-known for paying $164,000 annually for her retirement. And you’d be surprised to know where she’ll be retiring.

She has chosen Crystal Serenity – A cruise ship.

She follows through on her commitments. Mason and her often go on cruises together. In their 50-year marriage, they’ve taken 89 cruises. Her spouse had one desire for her before he died: that she never cease cruising.

Mama Lee kept her word and never stopped cruising, much to her joy.

So, just after Mason died, she began taking cruises. After some years, she became bored of boarding and departing the ship and loading or unloading her belongings. As a result, she considered staying on a cruise ship and began doing so in the year2008.

Mama Lee hasn’t left Crystal Serenity since then. Now she enjoys being on board since she has nothing to stress over. All her responsibilities are handled, and she can focus on her thoughts.

She enjoys dancing, according to the team.

She’s gone on over a hundred cruises and claims to have lost count.

Now she doesn’t go to the port anymore. If the ship docks in a nation or city she’s previously visited, she just stays on board. She enjoys the peace and quiet when the other cruisers are off touring.

She only goes shopping once in a while. She really enjoys shopping in the Grand Bazaar for items to wear on board.

She is usually drawn to the glittery and regal gowns since they are appropriate for every event, formal or informal. They’ll also be ideal because she goes dancing often.

After all, she has no regrets about her decision.

Mama Lee mentioned that most of her friends and her daughter passed long ago. Also, most of her grandchildren are already parents. So she is delighted to spend her last days in such a manner.

Mama Lee’s retirement will remain a relaxing and enjoyable experience. So don’t you think it’s better to plan ahead for a better retirement?

In the video below, you can have a taste of her luxurious life.

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