She gives birth to her seventh child at age 51. They accuse her of irresponsible on the Internet


Being a mother can be one of the greatest desires for many women, there are others who do not measure their success or happiness in motherhood and it must be a respectable decision in either case.

It is well known that women become mothers at different stages of life, this has to do with personal decisions or separate circumstances, however, it is recommended that they do not become mothers at an early age or after 40 years of age, considering the risks it poses to mother and child.

Kimberly Chasteen has certainly made headlines for her decision to become a mother for the seventh time.

With 50 years and a history of 6 older children, in addition to already being a grandfather. The woman underwent a tubal sterilization procedure but later regretted the possibility of having another child with her new partner.

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After a long process of in vitro fertilization, she managed to get pregnant. Despite the fact that it was not a popular decision among her acquaintances, her family supports her, however, on social networks, many people who know her story have accused her of being irresponsible.

Kimberly gave birth to her first daughter, Jessica when she was 16 in 1987, followed by Kayla, 33, Richard, 31, Blake, 20, Brian, 19, and Balin, 17.

Her daughter Kayla shared her mother’s story on her TikTok account, but they immediately began to comment negatively on her intention to become a mother at her age. However, there were users who defended her and even shared her experiences.

When the mother shared the news of her seventh pregnancy, she realized that she was sweetly waiting for a boy with her other daughter, who would also become a mother. On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, Tyrique Chasteen was born.

With the goal of getting pregnant, Kimberly spent £23,000 on the IVF process. Despite the criticism she has received for being a mother at that age, she kept going and although when little Tyrique comes of age, she will be around 70, the proud mother of 7 has no regrets.

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