She gives birth in a taxi and then they send her the bill for cleaning the car: “it seems absurd to me.”


When a child is expected, the desire is that he can be born in an appropriate place , subject to the care of specialists, but above all surrounded by the affection of those who, from that moment on, will be his family . Childbirth, however, is a very long process: during the nine months of pregnancy, the expectant mother has to go often to carry out routine checks to be sure that the baby in her belly grows without problems.

The English girl protagonist of the story we are about to tell you gave birth just as she returned home after a simple routine check, in which she was told everything was going well. Her baby girl was born in the taxi she took. The thing that most perplexes me, besides what happened, is what happened next.

Her name is Farah, she is 26, and after a routine visit to her specialist, she called a taxi to be taken home. The driver was quietly driving her vehicle, along the road that would allow the woman to arrive at her home, when the unexpected happened.

The girl suddenly sensed that her daughter was about to be born. The taxi driver immediately asked Farah if he wanted her to stop, but she told him to go straight to the hospital because she thought she could. Instead, the opposite happened.

Farah managed to deliver her baby daughter Naia by herself in the car. The taxi driver immediately warned the hospital that they would arrive. Once there, the doctors were waiting for her at the door and immediately helped the girl to get out of the car with her baby in her arms.

The story seemed to have ended, and in the best way . However, when the girl returned home, the taxi bill was delivered to her , which amounted to about 90 pounds (over 100 euros): the ride cost only 30, the remaining 60 were charged to her because it was the money spent to clean up the whole car.

” I understand that I have created havoc – explained Farah, recounting his incredible story – but it seems unreasonable to charge me the cost of cleaning , since it was an unexpected event “. Meanwhile, the company that runs the taxi that took the girl has avoided commenting.

What do you think about it?

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