She ends up in the hospital for being shy and holding farts in front of her boyfriend


May the limits of trust expand when health is at risk.

There are people who are more shy than others and will avoid doing certain things in the presence of another human being, regardless of whether this is a stranger they will never see again, or the person they trust the most.

And when it comes to love relationships, this shyness can be kept intact. That is to say, that despite the fact that some have been together for several years; they still have barriers that do not allow them to do certain types of actions out of shame.


Yes, we are talking about passing gas in front of the partner. Some handle the issue very well from the beginning, and others do it little by little in coexistence, as trust grows. But no matter how much trust exists between the two, there are those who refuse to do so and prefer to put up with it. Although that could bring terrible consequences like ending up in a hospital late at night.

This is exactly what happened to a Brazilian artist named Viviane de Queiroz Pereira , better known as Pocah . The 27-year-old told her curious story to her followers after being hospitalized for terrible stomach aches.


The singer confessed that the pain she suffered for days was an accumulation of trapped farts.

Despite her life in the spotlight, Pocah turned out to be a very shy girl. After spending several days with her boyfriend, the gases began to accumulate inside her body, but she was not going to let them escape in front of her lover because she felt very ashamed. However, her body couldn’t take it anymore and that accumulation of gas began to put pressure on her intestines, causing excruciating pain.

So, in the middle of the night, the young woman had to go to a hospital emergency room, accompanied by her boyfriend, of course. There she was taken care of and the diagnosis she received was probably just as embarrassing as she would have been if she had passed gas in the first place.


“But that’s all, guys. Now I am fine. Just an accumulation of trapped farts, “explained the singer on her social networks.

Everything ended well for Pocah that night because the pain had a very simple but difficult solution for shameful people. That is why the artist wanted to give advice to her fans, so that they would not have to go through a situation like hers. Pocah explained that it is not advisable to hold gas because it could cause health problems; He already told the girls not to be ashamed of farting in the presence of his boyfriend.

The expulsion of gases is a completely normal and necessary process of the body.

But the truth is that society has made it seem like something to be ashamed of and that it should only be done “on the sly.” We do not deny that it becomes uncomfortable when someone farts in public, both for the person doing it and for other individuals; but sometimes, it is just and necessary to avoid having health problems.

“What’s really embarrassing is not letting your guy sleep because you’re uncomfortable, going to the hospital with your guy and the diagnosis is ‘trapped farts,'” Pocah concluded.

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