She doesn’t think it’s a big deal until police see a photo of a school bus driver holding a boy’s hand.


It can be hard for kids to be away from their parents, so going to school alone can be tough for them, especially in the beginning when they are getting used to it.

Axel Johnson was filled with excitement as he got ready to begin school. His mother, Amy, captured a photo of him while he eagerly waited for the school bus, and his face beamed with joy.

However, as the boarding time approached, his expression transformed, and he came close to shedding tears. Young Axel was definitely not as strong as he had believed himself to be when he had to leave his mother.

Isabel Lane, the bus driver, saw Axel’s happy face turn sad, but she was determined to convince him that riding the bus and going to school with other kids his age was safe.

Isabel reached her hand back and Axel grasped it while sitting behind her. Amy captured the sweet moment in a photo.

Isabel’s concern for the children’s happiness proved she was more than a driver. She made sure Axel knew he could trust her, even without his mother. The scared child felt comforted by her caring nature.

Amy shared a photo of her son and the bus driver on Facebook because she thought it was interesting. She expected people to like it, but she didn’t know it would receive so much praise.

The local police agency also shared the picture, and it garnered over 2,400 likes.

Isabel was surprised by the compliments she received. She didn’t think it was a big deal. She mentioned, “I believe this is something I would do.”

That event was quite remarkable. The next day, Axel felt no more fear as he realized he had found a friend in Isabel. He had a big smile on his face and was excited to embark on his new adventure.

Isabel has played a significant role in making Axel look forward to every school day.

You can watch the full story in the video below. Share it with your family and friends – it could inspire someone to make a positive change.

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