Shakira’s children cried when they said goodbye to her to go with Piqué.


After a nightmare year for the Piqué Mebarak family, it seems that 2023 begins with the illusion of new purposes and a little more stability, considering that last year they had many ups and downs due to the separation of Shakira and Piqué.

Despite the constant rumors about the reasons or causes of why both decided to end their relationship, it is known that it is most likely due to some infidelity on the part of the former soccer player. However, no one came out to deny or clarify what was said by the media. Communication.

Sadly, the most affected have been their children, who have had to suffer constant harassment from the paparazzi, even though their parents have tried to keep them away from any gossip or rumors.

In fact, during the recent December holidays, it was thanks to a publication made by the Colombian singer that it was learned that she was the one who spent Christmas with her little ones, something predictable after she obtained full custody of Milan and Sasha.

As expected, Gerard had to wait until the New Year to be able to spend some time with his children. However, now that he is retired, he will have more opportunities to travel to be with them whenever possible.

That is why in recent days, the Spanish media were aware of Milan and Sasha’s farewell to their famous mother. The reporter Marc Leirado Millán of the Telecinco network said that the youngest of the artist’s children cried when separated from his mother.

The moment happened minutes after Piqué arrived at Shakira’s mansion to pick up his children. For obvious reasons, the feeling won over the little ones, and they did not hesitate to express their regret for separating from their mother.

“Last night something happened that touched my soul. All day waiting for Piqué to arrive to take the children, since these 10 days they are with him. While she awaited the former soccer player’s arrival, Shakira spent the entire afternoon in her backyard garden playing with the kids.But as they prepared to leave and proceeded to the garage, I overheard Shakira bidding them farewell in a harsh tone and her young kid sobbing and calling out, “Mommy.”. And Shakira from the other side of the garden was shouting ‘calm down, see you soon’”, she expressed.

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