One of Patrick Dempsey’s twin sons called ‘his clone’ & ‘next McDreamy’ after their red carpet appearance


“Sexiest Man Alive” Patrick Dempsey, 57, finally appears with his 16-year-old twin sons on the red carpet. Fans are stunned as one of the boys is “his clone.” The photo of the “Next McDreamy” is in the comments below.

Actor Patrick Dempsey, who is 57 years old, appeared on the red carpet with his wife and kids.

The Dempsey family looked fashionable at the Ferrari movie premiere. Everyone thought they looked stylish, but one family member stood out – Darby, one of the actor’s twin sons who is 16 years old.

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey at the premiere of “Ferrari” in Los Angeles, California on December 12, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

The reason many people were talking about this young man is because he looks very similar to his attractive father.

Fans noticed that Darby strongly resembles his father. One person even commented, “Wow! The son on the right side is like a carbon copy of his dad! 😳😳”

A different fan compared the young man to his father’s character on Grey’s Anatomy and called him “the future McDreamy.”

Patrick Dempsey posing as Dr. McDreamy from “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2005. | Source: Getty Images

Good looks are a common trait in the Demspey family.

Sullivan, Talula, Patrick, Jillian, and Darby Dempsey at the premiere of “Ferrari” in Los Angeles, California on December 12, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

Patrick and his wife Jillian had their first child, Talula, when she was 21 in 2002. Then, a few years later, they had twin boys, Darby and Sullivan, who are now 16.

Patrick shared that having three children has actually made things more manageable for him and his wife.

In 2008, the former Grey’s Anatomy star mentioned that having three children actually made things easier in some ways compared to having just one child. He also expressed how having a big family has strengthened his relationship with his wife and improved their overall life.

But when his kids became teenagers, he admitted that it was more challenging as raising teens demanded more energy.

In 2023, he explained to People that it’s important for parents to be present for their children, even if the kids are striving for independence. Children must discover how to navigate the world, set boundaries, and make mistakes. Parents should support them and let them grow from those experiences.

Patrick was a runner-up for many years before he was finally named “Sexiest Man Alive.”

The actor expressed happiness about the timing of the event in their life and appreciated the recognition.

When questioned about his children’s possible reaction, McDreamy mentioned that they might end up making fun of him.

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