Scientists are still puzzled by the mysterious nature of the 400 bending trees in Poland.


In West Pomerania, Poland, a little thicket of ordinary pine trees has gained fame due to a potential “twist.” It is a surprise; each of the 400 trees has an odd bent at the root!

Around 1930, the trees were planted in times when the premises were a part of Germany. Shortly after emerging from the earth, all the trees make a sudden 90-degree turn before sweeping back into an upright posture with a lovely arc. The photographs below, taken by Kilian Schönberger, truly illustrate their odd yet pleasing appearance.

Up to the present, it is clueless about why or how the trees got bent. Still, the majority of people think it was a mechanical procedure that was done on purpose. Some believe the trees may be shaped to provide spontaneously bent components for jewelry, furniture, and other wooden products. Meanwhile, some bring out the thoughts that the odd occurrence may have been brought on by hefty snowfall.

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