Rule of life: never leave mom alone


Mother is not the one who begets, but the one who breeds.

Regardless of how motherhood has arisen, a mother will always have the well-being of her children as a priority. When someone becomes a mother, either biological or through adoption; from the first moment that she holds her child in her arms, the world changes completely.

Suddenly everything revolves around those little ones who get into mischief and become the joy of the home. And throughout their lives, our moms will worry about us and try to ensure that we never lack for anything. No matter how old we are, they will be aware that we eat well and are happy, for example. Well, there is nothing a mother would not do for her children, the love they feel is immeasurable.


However, as time passes, these women begin to lose strength. When they get old, they don’t walk as fast as they used to and can’t do the same things they used to. Suddenly simple things become complicated; for example, opening a jar of jam. Those little actions we needed help with when we were kids; now it is our mothers who need our support.

Just like childhood, old age is a very vulnerable time in people’s lives. And also difficult to cope with because health problems may arise and in general, the body does not respond in the same way as in youth. And just as our mothers took care of us when we were children; that is, in our vulnerable moment; we can also take care of them in yours.


Many children believe that when that time comes, it is not their obligation to take care of their mother.

And they are right.

The truth is that it is not mandatory to care for an older adult; Unless, of course, you are a professional in the area, they are paying you for it. With this we do not mean that only these people can or should take care of the grandmothers; but children are not the only ones destined to do so.

Society has the idea that when our mothers reach old age, the least we can do as children is take care of them, just as they took care of us. This is a way to show all the love and gratitude we feel for them. It is a small retribution for a lifetime of sacrifice and care on your part.


It is very sad when an older woman finds herself alone and in difficulty because her children do not visit her. Maybe they call her once a month and visit her once a year; but more than that is required to ensure her welfare. They need perseverance and dedication from her children; they need to feel that they are not alone and that they can count on someone.

If sons don’t care about their mothers, then who will?

These women are a very important figure in our lives and as such, we must give them the value they deserve. Being by his side and taking care of his physical and mental health is fair and necessary.


Also, life is a cycle, and we too will reach old age. When this happens and we start to need help, we will surely want someone we trust to come to our support. It is very likely that we want to see our children in vulnerable moments; therefore, if what you expect is that your children take care of you in old age, do the same with your mother now. Put yourself in her shoes and do for her what you would like your children to do for you.

This is not a form of blackmail or an obligation; but the good things you give, they always come back.


Maybe now you think it’s annoying and you’re so busy that you don’t take the time to find out how your mother is doing. You think “later” you should do it and you put it off over and over again. However, there will come a day when there will sadly be no “tomorrow”. And when the sad moment comes when our mother must leave this world, we will regret not having given them more time.

If you still have your mother with you, let her know how much you love her, take care of her and don’t leave her alone.

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