Ricardo Montanter recognizes Índigo as a woman and rejects the non-binary gender imposed by her parents.


The Montaner family is perhaps one of the most important families in the entertainment industry, at least in Latin America, composed of singers and artists. Little by little, it has been growing, and Indigo arrived to brighten the lives of her parents, uncles and grandparents even more.

Since Evaluna and Camilo announced their pregnancy, Ricardo Montaner, the proud grandfather, has been immensely happy about the arrival of a new grandson in his family. So much so that he took advantage and continues to do so to show off his daughter and Indigo.

In less than a year, that baby has become a star on social networks, although his parents decided not to show his face and keep it private.

However, the birth of Indigo was and continues to be accompanied by controversy because confusion began to arise due to his name. For their part, Evaluna and Camilo declared and showed their preference for identifying Indigo with the non-binary gender, at least until the baby can decide for himself when he grows up.

Contrary to that, Ricardo Montaner does not agree because, in one of his recent posts on his Instagram account, he wrote as a caption, “She and I are going on vacation, Indigo and her grandfather.”

Users on social media began to comment on the issue, some supporting her decision to identify her as a girl. In contrast, others acted against her for their parents’ wishes.

“I congratulate you Montaner for identifying her, you don’t know what a big mistake parents are making today, which is binary” “she was born a girl and you have to treat her like a girl”, “I don’t know what those parents have in their heads Truth, she was born a woman, let her grow, let her live,” read the comments.

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