Reunited with her biological daughter 82 years after giving up her baby as a teenager, a 96-year-old lady


People often advise waiting for the best things, even if it means waiting a lifetime.

After more than 80 years of being apart, Lena Pierce was finally reunited with the daughter she had to give up as a teen in 1933 on a chilly, snowy day in January 2016.

1919 saw the birth of Lena. When she was a young child, her father passed away, her difficult existence began. She and her mother traveled a lot before they settled in central New York.

At the age of 13, Lena became pregnant. Eva Mae was the name of the daughter she had on February 11, 1933 in Utica, New York. However, the state removed her kid after six months since she was a state ward.

A family from Long Island adopted Eva Mae, who raised her as Betty Morrell.. Since she was an only child, she yearned for siblings. She was unaware of the other children her original mother had, who would be eager to meet her in the future.

Before a local child informed Betty that she was adopted, Betty never gave her family a second consideration.

According to ABC News, she claimed, “I didn’t even know what adopted meant.

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When she inquired about it, her mother informed her that it was accurate and that her birth mother had passed away.

Betty noted, “I can see why she would say that. She disapproved of my staring at her.

Until her mother passed away and hints started to emerge, Betty did nothing with it for years. Betty’s aunt revealed that her birthplace was Utica and that her prior name was Eva.

Betty searched for her birth mother for 50 years as a result.

“I am aware of my family’s devotion for me. There was that gap there. It didn’t stop bothering me.

a woman who gave birth to two kids on February 11, 1933, one of whom was a girl named Eva, responded to her.

In 1983, Betty obtained a letter from the adoption agency, but she was unable to respond because her adoption had already ended. Despite how depressing it was, Betty continued to live on Long Island until she went to Florida.

When Kimberly Miccio, one of Betty’s grandchildren, turned 12, she finally began looking for her biological mother once more.

Twenty years of searching later, Kimberly discovered the long-lost family of her grandma in September 2015.

On, she located a distant relative., who connected her with Millie Hawk, one of Lena Hawk’s daughters.

Now we have some solutions.

Having at least one further sister, Betty and that her birth mother was still alive was amazing to learn.

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“My mum exists! And I have a sister!

Later, it was revealed that she had two brothers and four sisters.

Lena’s joy at learning that her daughter had been located matched Betty’s joy in finding her mother after all these years.

After telling Betty the good news, Millie left for Hallstead, Pennsylvania, where her Mother was getting ready to play bingo at the nearby fire station.

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She lost it and began sobbing. She was unable to speak because of her anger even go to the bingo hall, according to Millie.

Once they were able to communicate over the phone, they set up a time to meet together. On a certain day in January 2016, the pair met up at the Greater Binghamton Airport. It was noteworthy due to the length of time that had elapsed as well as the ages of the two women: the daughter was 82 and her mother was 96.

“It was fantastic. Kimberly reported that both of them were sobbing.

After they crossed paths once more, they kept in touch, and Betty and Millie grew closer.

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Added Betty: At my age or my mother’s age, not many people get this opportunity, Betty stated. The nicest thing that have ever occurred to me, you say.

Lena passed away only a short while after, in October 2016. Just in time, they were able to get back together.

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