Research has revealed that women who don’t wear makeup are more attractive – being natural is best.


People think women wear makeup to be more attractive, but a study showed something else.

People naturally want to look their best when they go out or meet someone. History shows this, as various tools have been created over the years to make people, especially women, look more attractive based on the popular styles of the time. This is how makeup came to be, a collection of products that aim to reach the generally accepted standard of beauty.

Makeup started out as a way to hide flaws, but it has now become an art form. Professional makeup artists say that a person’s face is a blank slate with endless possibilities.

Women use makeup in their daily lives for a variety of reasons. Some use it to cover up dark circles, pimples, or other blemishes. Others use it to add a bit of color or to show their personality.

However, there have been many comments from people outside the makeup community saying that makeup is unnecessary because it just hides someone’s true face, and you can’t tell how they usually look. Some even argue that makeup is used to deceive men, such as the trend that said that the first date should be in a swimming pool.

To wear makeup or not is a matter of personal preference. To find out more, researchers from Bangor University and the University of Aberdeen (in the UK) did a study and published their results in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. The study found that men find women more attractive when they wear less makeup.

The results were based on a study of 44 people – 22 men and 22 women. They were asked to share a photo of themselves without makeup, and another photo of themselves with a night out makeup look.

The volunteers voted for the most beautiful women and found out that men like them better without makeup, but women like to wear makeup.

Women don’t just wear makeup to impress men; they do it for each other too. Ultimately, whether you wear makeup or not is up to you, and nobody should try to influence your decision. If you want to hang a molcajete, go for it!

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