Rescue a bear abandoned when it was a cub, and now they fish together.


Fishing with your pet is a common activity for many when talking about a dog or even a cat or other domestic animal, but seeing a brown bear with its owner inside a wooden boat is not the most common image that we say.

For this reason, the photos of a girl with her furry friend in a Russian lake surprised users on the Internet and went viral.

This bear is perhaps one of the most pampered beings you can meet a bear

The mammal named Archie came into the arms of his current owner, Veronica Dichka, when he was just a puppy.

The owners of the safari park where the bear lived went bankrupt and did not know what to do with him and the other animals.

When the young Russian woman learned about the situation, she offered to adopt the little one, not knowing how important the little animal would become.

The bear has lived with Dichka for more than two years.

Since the little animal had spent its short life in captivity, its former owners knew it would not survive long in the wild as it had not acquired the necessary knowledge to get ahead amid such a hostile environment.

For that reason, they ended up accepting Veronica’s proposal.

The story of this pair of friends began to circulate on the networks through a curious video.

This is a video captured in a Russian lake in southern Siberia, in which Veronica and the bear are seen enjoying a day of fishing as two mutual friends.

At some point, the girl is seen approaching the animal and hugging it, but this would not be the only show of affection that this pair circulates on social networks.

Through her Instagram account, the woman shares each of her adventures.

In the photographs, the bear is seen kissing its mother, hugging her, and sharing more than one happy moment by her side.

For everyone, it is very curious to imagine how a brown bear can establish such a close relationship with a human. Still, for Verónica everything has its explanation in the love she has shown him from the beginning.

The trust between the two is obvious.

In the images, Archie is always delighted next to his human.

He sees me as a family member, and we eat together. When he is scared, he falls asleep in my arms.

“We got him out of the safari park, but we can’t release him back into the wild because he’s spent his entire existence in captivity,” explained the bear’s mother.

The creature has been domesticated in some way, but this happened not through training itself but through daily coexistence and the great affection that Verónica lavishes on it.

Archie lives with us and is completely enamored with the water. He loves it when I take him to new places, so this shoot was a treat for him!” she explained.

Adult brown bears can weigh up to 600 kilos, and although Archie is still growing and does not reach those dimensions, he is undoubtedly a rather large animal compared to any other pet.

But none of this is a problem for the woman who decided to give her heart and time to the bear she now considers her soul mate.

    Although many people claimed that the video was a hoax, the truth is that Veronica and Archie are somewhere in Russia, enjoying a unique and unbreakable relationship.

    There are dozens of photographs published on the woman’s social networks, in which the bear is seen hugging and kissing her in the most tender way we can imagine.

    There is no doubt that he also loves and adores his human.

    A particular bond that has aroused the curiosity of many, thanks to Verónica for saving this bear from an uncertain fate and making it so happy.

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