She uploaded a photo of herself and her husband wearing swimming suits and received heavy criticism for it.


Jenna Kutcher, a 29-year-old photojournalist, is happily married to Drew Kutcher, a fitness instructor. They have been together for a decade and have a beautiful love story.

The couple went to a beach in Hawaii to enjoy the sun and waves. They took some pictures there. In one of the photos, Jenna and her husband can be seen wearing swimsuits. To her surprise, the woman received a lot of negative comments when she shared the picture on social media.

Many individuals have commented that she is large and not attractive, and they believe she is not worthy of her husband, who is a charming and good-looking man. She was informed that while she was not in good physical condition, her partner had a well-defined physique due to his regular gym workouts.

The woman received numerous unpleasant comments about her curvy figure, which insulted and mocked her. Here are some examples of those remarks:

I can’t believe she managed to find such an attractive husband.

You are not worthy of being married to such a good-looking man.

I’m not sure what your partner found appealing about you; they should look for someone who is equally attractive.

You should consider losing weight because you and your husband don’t get along well.

Jenna had an unexpected response to those who criticized her because she was not bothered or frightened by their comments.

She mentions that being married to Mr. 6-Pack has caused some of her body-image problems. She questions why he would choose a curvy girl like her. She creates scenarios in her mind where she feels unworthy of him due to her not being thin.

She mentioned that over the past decade, this man has embraced all her imperfections and always reassured her of her beauty, even when she didn’t believe it herself. She picked someone who could handle everything, including her big thighs, large arms, and huge bum.

Jenna felt thankful and surprised by the sudden attention she received, with many people giving her kind compliments.

In a post on Instagram on Tuesday, she expressed, “We’ve been laughing for the past few days about how society finds it newsworthy to see two people in love, especially when they have different body types. However, we fully embrace it because it allows us to share our message with you and the rest of the world.”

We are not defined by our bodies. Drew is more than just a “Mr. Six Pack,” and I am more than just “curvy” or “plus size,” she explained.

In the end, we are the couple who met in college, fell in love, and started dating after [Drew] lost a bet that led to our first kiss. Everything else is history. Our journey has had its ups and downs, but we have chosen to embrace it all and share our story, as going viral has shown that people crave authenticity.

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