Reba McEntire remembers the day she lost her band in a horrific plane crash 32 years ago


Our prayers go out to the great singer Reba McEntire and her family… – Check the comments.

Reba McEntire is a genuine country icon. Since her debut in the late 1970s, she has captured the hearts of millions of fans.

She got married twice in her lifetime and has a son named Shelby.


However, despite her enormous success and the infatuating smile on her face, Reba has experienced a number of heartbreaks.

Reba experienced a devastating loss in 2022 when her mother Jacqueline passed away from cancer. The bond between them was incredibly strong, and they shared a loving mother-daughter relationship. Reba expressed her belief that her mother had lived a fulfilling and healthy life, and was prepared to leave this world. Despite the cancer’s presence, Reba credited God for choosing the right time for her mother to return to Him. This heartfelt message was shared by the country star on social media.

In the past, when Jacqueline was young, she wanted to be a singer. However, her dream didn’t come true, so she taught her daughter how to sing. Reba mentioned, “She left feeling loved, and we all felt her love. We’ll miss her, but we have great memories.”

Regrettably, this was not the initial occasion when Reba encountered loss and sadness. 32 years ago, on March 16, seven individuals from her band, along with her manager, tragically perished in a devastating plane accident.

In 1991, the band had a concert in San Diego and planned to fly to Fort Wayne, Ind., for their next show. Reba and her then-husband were supposed to take a separate plane but they chose to stay in San Diego overnight. Unfortunately, the band’s airplane crashed only ten miles after takeoff.


Reba always honors her band members who passed away in a crash over thirty years ago.

In 2012, Reba shared the tragic incident in an interview with Oprah. She explained that the airplane’s wing accidentally struck a rock on Otay Mountain, resulting in the loss of all passengers on board.

Narvel, Reba’s manager, informed us about the incident. He met with our pilot and shared the details with us. Narvel returned to the hotel room where I was, late at night. He informed me that one of the planes had crashed. Concerned, I asked if everyone was alright. Narvel replied, uncertainly, that he didn’t think so.

As she recalled the tragic day, Reba couldn’t contain tears from running down her face.

Narvel went from one room to another, holding a phone and making calls… she started, stopping as tears welled up in her eyes. “I apologize – it has been 20 years, but it still feels the same… I don’t think the pain ever goes away,” she expressed. “Yet, I can visualize that room. I can picture Narvel pacing back and forth.”


In 2020, the singer honored the memory of the crash victims. “29 years ago today, I lost my friends in a plane crash. The timing of Mama’s passing with that anniversary seems fitting,” she shared on social media.

I believe they are all in Heaven, looking after one another. We should continue to find ways to support each other here on earth and never underestimate the value of a single moment with our loved ones.

This year was just like the rest. Reba felt compelled to let everyone know that even though time has gone by, she still feels sorrow for her friends’ unfortunate fate and the loss they experienced.

She posted a video of their band performing, saying that their passion for music and the stage inspires everyone to keep going.

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