Real selfless sportswomen who came in to help the collapsed rival.


The incident you are about to witness will depict to you what sportsmanship is. In the set of races found in the sports industry, running competitions hold much fame among the fans. Usually, such races have a massive audience. The preference of people for this sport had made them organize running competitions frequently. Starting from minor groups competitions are held between countries and so on.

Yet for every competitor in the race, the common goal is to win the race.

Everyone could run. But to win a race, an individual must be an athlete. Becoming an athlete takes a lot of time and effort to succeed. It takes months to build up stamina, willpower, and endurance. Physical preparation, as well as mental preparation, is developed gradually with a lot of practice. It will take lots of sweat to achieve, but the result will always be worth it.

In a race, athlete Madeline Adams ran with her mindset of finishing the race as a winner. Madeline is a runner from Boston College. She had competed in the ACC women’s cross country championship.

The race Madeline was about to face held importance to her carrier. For months she sacrificed a lot of her time and her only target was to win the race.

The day of the race arrived. She was well prepared. But like every other runner, she was full of excitement.

Only one person could win the race, yet everyone had worked hard to win the race. Hair pulled back, shoelaces tied, and every athlete with strong determination started to compete.

With a strong start, Madeline headed forward. But unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

While the race was ongoing, Medaline felt some kind of weakness in her body. The race was about to finish, and her mind kept pushing herself toward the finishing line. Although, her body didn’t endure anymore. Madeline collapsed in the middle of the race.

In an interview with CBS Boston, Madeline explained her experience; she was running the race of her life. She did incredibly well from the start. She was running up a hill (to finish the race).

She started to feel fatigued. In a sudden, a wave was through her body. Her legs gave up. With no control over her body she felt on the ground. But she has no idea why she was lying on the ground. She desperately needed to get up.

Madeline tried hard to get up. But her body didn’t respond. She was out of energy. Her body was too tired after running for a long period. Other competitors ran past her. It was really unfortunate and heart-breaking to see Madeline facing such a tragedy before few meters from the finish line.

It was when one of her fellow competitors came to her aid.

From Clemson, Evie Tate did participate in the race. She couldn’t bear to see Madeline on the ground with only a few meters to finish the race. Only with a second of thought did Tate understand that Madeline needed help. Pulling her up, Tate tried passing the finish line together. It wasn’t easy with Madeline’s dead weight. Seeing it, Rachel Pease from Louisville joined to help Madeline.

The crowd was overjoyed. It was a display of true sportsmanship that everyone witnessed. The scene of the two helping a fellow runner in need to complete the race was really inspiring. But, Madeline was not able to cross the finish line. Her health was in a bad state, and she was taken out of the track for medical treatments.

Madeline had to face a tragedy. Yet, she was inspired by the act of kindness. She was not disheartened at all but was grateful to the pair.

Madeline presented her gratitude to the pair with the following words; ” The greatest part that came out is the two fellow runners that helped me. They were completely selfless and just amazing souls with amazing character.”

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