Real love exists; an elderly lover builds a bike for his old wife with Alzheimer’s


The couple has been happily married for over 50 years. From the first day on, Bill has been working to please his beautiful wife in some creative and meaningful way.

What can be more precious than genuine love? It’s remarkable to see relationships survive the passage of time nowadays.

Although some may find the concept of “love forever” ridiculous, we probably come upon real-life situations that prove it genuine.

Finding your true love despite all odds seems like a fantasy that most can only envision. Sometimes love gets limited only to promises.

Though, the pair from Australia exemplifies what can be achieved when relationships are genuine. So, don’t stop reading!

Bill and Glad Forward will celebrate 59 years of being married this year, having known together since both were eight years old.

The greatest manifestation of love is longevity.

Both had to face several challenges during their life, including Glad’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s.

Her condition began to deteriorate at an alarming rate, and she lost to sight.

Most of their married life, the couple liked outdoor activities, particularly cycling. It has had a significant impact on their lives.

Bill recalled one of his old memories; Since they initially started dating, Bill used to take his bike 5 kilometres from where he lived to where she was on. It was on Saturday evenings, so it was the only time they had to get together.

Both of them had bikes. Also, Glad had a bay chair fixed to the front of the bike to allow their kids to join the ride.

Unfortunately, because of Glad’s health concerns, the couple often cannot go biking as frequently as they used to.

Bill stated that he would go to any length for his wife and that he would definitely find some way to bike together.

The loving husband had the brilliant idea of designing a one-of-a-kind bike that could cater to an immobile individual.

Bill’s genuine love for his wife inspired him to create the “bike chair,” a mix of a bicycle and a wheelchair.

He spent several years living abroad, and his innovation there inspired him to create the bike chair.

Bill drew out a strategy and handed it over to his buddy to carry out – A baby blue bike, including one wheel on the rear and two in front, held a chair with a safety belt and leg rests.

And the end result was spectacular. With the new custom tandem bicycle, the two can proceed to go on rides together across the local parks and beaches.

Bill’s wife can hear the breeze in her hair while they’re on the bike, and all those activities are fantastic for her.

He also said he wanted to ride at least 3 times per week if the weather was better and I had the time. And it is always pleasant since so many people have come to speak with them.

Despite all the setbacks, Bill was devoted enough to look after her loving partner.

Supporting his spouse is a pleasure for Bill since it enables him to return her for all her affection throughout the years.

Bill also said that he doesn’t consider it a hardship at all. He thinks it an incredible honour to look after this one I’ve adored for so long. Bill stated, She has been his true love, his queen, and He is William. Yet he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Once the Bike Chair is available for purchase, more people like Bill and Glad will be able to enjoy bike trips like never experienced before.

Even though they are still a tiny business, they are working hard to expand and supply bike chairs for everybody.

In a short movie titled “What is Love?” more of their experience was presented.

Bill and Glad’s fantastic love story may be seen in the video below.

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