Quantum physicists have discovered that people may have an immortal soul, suggesting that it may persist beyond physical death.


There is much debate over whether or not there is life after death. Although no definitive answer has been found, some believe that evidence exists showing that life continues beyond physical death. From near-death experiences to reincarnation, many claim that proof of the afterlife can be found in various forms. The debate over this controversial topic continues, with no clear resolution.

According to Stuart Hameroff of the University of Arizona and Sir Roger Penrose, our awareness is the sum of all knowledge stored at the quantum level within our souls.

The two researchers collaborated to demonstrate that Quantum knowledge is transmitted through a specific element known as “protein-based microtubules.” They reasoned that since this knowledge was held at the subatomic level, it had been difficult to detect and analyze until recently, when technological advancements changed the landscape drastically.

Upon the death of a human, the knowledge they accumulated is disseminated into the universe. This information is conveyed back into the being’s awareness through the microtubule previously discussed.

We realize that “close-death encounters” are when life passes before our eyes. Another hypothesis is that when we experience a near-death encounter, we get a glimpse into an alternate world in which we died. However, the knowledge is so overwhelming that it paralyzes us with fear.

According to science, the shock we feel when we are close to death may mean that we are practically invincible if this hypothesis is correct – a concept worth exploring further in our own time.

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