Puppy enjoys the rain under the roof of his house, he wanted to relax.


Puppies also enjoy the rain.

Although there are many people who hate the rain and it makes them sad, there are also others who look forward to this season with great anticipation. Although it seems that this is something that only humans do, some animals also enjoy the freshness of the rain. Although it is probably only about pets that have a warm home, because the furry ones on the street indeed end up enduring being wet and cold.

Let’s take this puppy as an example. His owner never imagined that he would love the rain so much, but when he passed by he realized it.

When the rain began, the puppy asked to go outside, instead of being scared as others would, he quickly settled down to contemplate the drizzle. The most curious thing is that he lay down comfortably, crossing his legs totally relaxed.

Seeing that funny scene – a puppy looking at the rain – His owner quickly grabbed his phone and began filming what was happening. making his pet famous for having this strange and curious behavior.

The video was put on social networking sites and received a lot of reactions, in addition to various comments about the puppy’s attitude. Already, the video has been shared more than 95 thousand times.

Here we leave you the adorable scene.

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