Prince William talks about Kate Middleton’s health with a sad face


The BAFTAs welcomed many famous guests, with the Prince of Wales being one of the most notable attendees, looking somber as he talked about his wife’s well-being.

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife for 13 years, underwent abdominal surgery at The London Clinic. The reasons for the surgery were not disclosed, and Prince William had no plans to share them with the public.

The Royal Family usually keeps health matters private, but King Charles III was surprisingly open about his prostate surgery and cancer diagnosis.

Prince William mentioned that he has watched fewer films than ever before. He also mentioned that he has watched even fewer films with his wife. However, he expressed his hope to catch up on watching films and mentioned that he will make a list tonight.

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Why all the hush?

Middleton might just prefer to keep her personal matters private, like many others do, but that hasn’t prevented rumors and inquiries from circulating.

People are wondering why the ex-Dutchess of Cambridge is so private about her health when the King is open about his own health to the nation.

Kate Middleton.

So far, we only know that it’s not cancer, as Kensington Palace stated. However, some believe it might be Crohn’s Disease, a hysterectomy, or surgery for severe reflux issues after having three children in the past ten years.

For whatever reason, it completely overwhelmed the future Queen, who relied on her immediate family to support her and take care of her children, George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Her husband took a break from royal duties for a short time, but Middleton will resume hers after Easter when she fully recovers.

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