Prince William receives new title from King Charles as Prince Harry arrives in the UK


Congratulations to the future King! William’s new title, received as his brother Harry arrives home in the UK, is in the comments below.

The start of this month signified a significant milestone for the British royal family.

Prince Harry arrived in London to mark the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games. While he was in his home country, his brother, Prince William, was bestowed with a notable honor by King Charles. Although it appeared to be a coincidence, some viewed it as a significant disregard towards Prince Harry.

The announcement from the Palace revealed that King Charles III has appointed Prince William as the colonel-in-chief of the Army Air Corps.

The palace announced that the King will pass on the role of Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps to the Prince of Wales. In August 2023, after the King’s Accession, military appointments were made, with the Prince of Wales taking on the role. The King had held the position for 31 years when he was the Prince of Wales.


William is now leading the unit that used to be under Harry’s command. Harry became an Army Air Corps pilot in 2009 after passing the “Grading” and Pilot’s Selection Board interview in 2008.

After finishing the Army Pilots Course, Prince Harry was chosen to learn how to fly the Apache Attack Helicopter. His official biography mentioned that he received his provisional wings from his father, Prince Charles, who was the colonel-in-chief of the Army Air Corps at that time.


Prince William’s new title is revealed at a time when people are more interested, partly due to the strained relationship between Prince Harry and his father. The speculation about their interactions, or lack thereof, during Prince Harry’s recent visit to the UK highlights the complexities of royal relationships.

During Harry’s most recent visit, he and his father, King Charles, didn’t meet due to the king’s “full programme.”

Prince Harry expressed his desire to meet him in the near future, according to his statement.

Harry, despite the tense relationships with the Firm members, expressed his joy in coming back to the UK. He referred to the party as “fantastic” and praised Scotty’s for their remarkable and vital support to children.


Harry stated that the more chances there are to organize such events, the greater the awareness among families and children about the existence of this place, which is truly crucial.

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