Preparing a wheelchair for a hedgehog


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He has made wheelchairs for countless dogs and cats. also for other animals, such as lambs, bears, turtles, goats, and duck, He has made wheelchairs. And now it’s time to make a wheelchair for a hedgehog. Yes, it may seem unbelievable, but a Wheelchair for a disabled hedgehog is completely true.

You must have heard the name of Vassilis Tzigoura. To people who love and care for animals, this man is considered the angel of four-legged creatures with mobility problems. An angel who gives them a second chance at life. To walk, play and be happy. Animals that were previously condemned to euthanasia, thanks to his magical hands, win life again.

Vassilis has been making wheelchairs for these creatures for many years. He is the founder of the company Plus2feet, which is about 6 years old.

In an interview in October 2020 on Home – JoinRadio and Kiki Papadopoulou, he said:

“The wheelchair story started in the summer of 2015. I was going through a difficult time then. Problems at my old job as a plumber and some personal issues made me withdraw into myself. I started to deal with the internet and in particular I began watching videos regarding animals. My eye fell on a DIY video from Latin America, with a guy making wheelchairs out of plumbing pipes. Then, it all started.

The beginning was not easy. I made the first wheelchair on the balcony of my house. No know-how, no money (I spent my severance pay from my old job on materials, tools and research). There were times when I had nothing to eat. My current wife used to bring me
souvlaki to the studio apartment where I lived. My means of transportation was a bicycle.”

A year and a half ago I made a wheelchair for Michalis Hatzigiannis’s dog then guardian was Zeta Makripoulia.

As we see in Vasilis’s post, the first test of the wheelchair on the hedgehog went well. We are waiting for it to be completed and to see this little creature walking. We hope everything goes well.

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