Pregnant Woman Furious After Getting HOV Ticket, Claims Fetus Is Passenger


Plano told officers from the Dallas County Sheriff Department that her 34-week pregnancy allows her to use the carpool lane because her unborn baby is considered a passenger.

Bottone recalled informing the officer about her baby girl’s presence by gesturing towards her stomach and stating, “She is right here. She is a person.” This incident occurred when she was stopped at a checkpoint for driving in the HOV lane on June 29, as reported by The Dallas Morning News.

Battone claims that the police officer informed her that the HOV lane needs two passengers, which means “two individuals not inside the vehicle.”

According to the Texas penal code, an “individual” refers to a living human being, which includes an unborn child at any point from fertilization until birth.

The officer didn’t seem to take me seriously when I pointed out that this is a real child, especially with the recent changes to Roe v. Wade. I told them, “I don’t understand why you’re not acknowledging that.”

He said, ‘I don’t want to handle this.’ He explained, ‘Ma’am, it refers to two individuals outside of the body.’ He gestured for me to go to the next officer who issued me a ticket and mentioned, ‘If you contest it, it will probably be dismissed,’ Bottone included.

Bottone claims that the ticket was issued to deliberately cause trouble. She expresses her anger, stating that she finds it unfair. She believes that, according to the new law, this is a serious matter. Bottone acknowledges that her concerns may not be heard, but as a woman, she finds the incident shocking.

Pregnant Woman Furious After Getting HOV Ticket, Claims Fetus Is Passenger
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President Joe Biden is still pushing for pro-choice rights, signing an executive order to guarantee access to abortion and the safety of everyone involved on Friday.

She has a court date on July 20 and mentioned, “I plan to contest it.”

On Friday, Biden, 79, requested the Justice Department to protect women who are trying to exercise their rights, similar to what was done during the Civil Rights era.

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