Pomerian dressed up as Paddington Bear for Halloween, and Everyone’s heart is being warmed by photos.


He is, in our opinion, cuter than Paddington.

Any dog owner will probably claim that their pet is the cutest canine in the world.

They are probably just that adorable to their owner.

However, some puppies are too adorable. Like, it’s nearly impossible to witness their amount of cuteness.

One such dog is Betram, often known as Bertie, or Bert.

his mother has the lovely chocolate pomeranian a short haircut, he resembles a miniature bear.

When he dressed up as Paddington Bear for Halloween, In The internet basically lost it. 

You feel to cry because he is so adorable in his red cap and blue coat.

He doesn’t even resemble a dog. He resembles a small Paddington Bear.

“I immediately thought, Oh my gosh, as soon as I placed the cap on his head. It was a “wow” moment right away, Bertie’s mother Kathy Grayson told BuzzFeed.

Bertram came from an Oklahoman shelter and was adopted through Petfinder.

His mother changed his name from Jasper to Bertie Wooster in honor of the character from PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster novels.

According to the Shropshire Star, Kathy told the Press Association, “I called him ‘Puppy Bear’ for months before I agreed on a name, Bertie.

When Bertie’s adult fur had fully developed and he had reached adulthood, it was clear that he was the cutest puppy0 alive. The power was palpable because so many people would stop us on the street, which is unusual for New York City residents to do.

He now works in an art gallery with his mother in New York City where he presently resides. On the page of Bertie’s gallery, Grayson would post pictures of the girl.

She created his own social media pages after receiving repeated requests for more pictures of Bertie.
Just on Instagram, Bertram has more than 400,000 fans.

When his Halloween outfit arrived in early 2018, mom posted a photo of him, which instantly went viral all over the world.He truly looks Paddington.

It’s somewhat eerie,” Grayson added. Grayson remarked, “I understand how Paddington is their character in the UK, so maybe they are the most thrilled.

Grayson had heard for years that Bertie resembled Paddington Bear.

After seeing the movies, she ordered him a handmade costume from Etsy.

She only needs a little suitcase and a pair of galoshes to complete the outfit, but even without them, he is clearly a Paddington Bear.

Grayson expresses her happiness at the widespread happiness Bertie’s images, particularly the Paddington one, have caused.

She only expresses her gratitude for having him in her life on a daily basis.”He is such a funny, considerate, aware little pal; he is so chill and at ease. He rarely growls, doesn’t bite, and merely romps around while staring and grinning, according to her.

“Having Bert with me is just a continual joy at any time of day. I feel fortunate every day, several times a day, to have this amazing being here with me.”

Bertram, a dashing guy, has an Instagram account @bertiebertthepom that you may follow.

The video down below has more information on Bertram!

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