Plants that are proof that nature always wins.


At present, it seems that humans are in something of a constant fight with nature. The constant expansion of cities, the search for comfort or even the construction of factories leads to the felling of trees and entire forests. For these reasons, the environment is at a very fragile point and needs protection. While it is true that taking care of the planet is something that has to be done urgently, it is also known that nature is stronger than expected. She desires to live and can make her way in harsh conditions, even when people already gave up the battle.

1. A small piece of grass in the middle of the beach, thanks to the dripping of the drinker.

2. This car has been parked for a long time because of the plant’s growth.

3-. A phenomenon like no other: a tree growing through a drainage hole.

4-. A mini-colony of new plants formed inside the mollusc

5-. Life finds its way even in the hardest soil.

6-. The moss on the walls is something normal… but a tree?

7-. Trees don’t always need soil to grow.

8-. “This lovely yellow flower decided to decorate my fireplace.”

9-. I wonder how they have planted a tree on a power pole.

10-. “A very stubborn cactus has been growing on the roof of my grandmother’s house for several years”

11-. It seems it was planted inside the glass panel to serve as decoration.

12-. Well, explaining how the tomatoes grew on the asphalt will be interesting.

13-. The fact that a plant grows directly from a bag of soil is the best publicity you can get.

14-. An utterly cool road sign with a green hairstyle.

15-. “My sink drain got clogged and now plants have grown out of it. This is probably a sign that it’s time to clean it up properly.”

16-. The plant on this road sign looks like some alien monster that decided to take over the Earth.

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