Pierce Brosnan surprises wife Keely with swoonworthy gift to mark milestone birthday


Pierce Brosnan surprised his wife Keely of 22 years with the most romantic gesture ever for her 60th birthday. Men, take notes!

Version 1: Hollywood heartthrob Pierce Brosnan and his wife, Keely Smith, have proven that love can endure in the world of celebrities. Their marriage of more than twenty years is a testament to the fact that some famous couples do stay together and make their relationships last.

Brosnan loves reminding Keely what she means to him.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple always manages to find time for each other, which they believe is the key to their long-lasting love and successful marriage.

The actor fell in love with Kelly as soon as he saw her at a Mexican bar in 1992. They began dating two years later and got married after seven years. He sensed that there was something unique about her. In an interview with The Independent, the former James Bond actor shared the reason why he was attracted to Keely from the beginning.

I adore her energy and enthusiasm. She possesses a power that I cannot imagine my life without. Whenever Keely gazes at me, I become powerless.

Kelly’s 60th birthday was on September 25th, and Brosnan surprised her with a gift that showed his deep love for her. Fans couldn’t help but gush over his devotion.

He wrote, “Sixty roses for my beautiful brown-eyed girl on her 60th birthday,” alongside a picture of the couple posing with a stunning bouquet of roses.

I felt so happy and blessed when you came around the corner one morning in Cabo San Lucas @keelyshayebrosnan,” he mentioned.

Keely posted several pictures from their wedding in Ireland on social media to celebrate their 22nd anniversary.

She expressed gratitude to @piercebrosnanofficial for being a willing participant in life’s adventures on their anniversary.

Brosnan’s first wife was Australian actress Casandra Harris, who passed away from ovarian cancer in 1991. Unfortunately, his daughter also succumbed to the same illness. The Mrs. Doubtfire actor had one biological child with Casandra, but he adopted her children from her previous marriage after their father’s death. The children took Brosnan’s surname. He has two sons, Dylan and Paris, with his current wife Keely.

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