“Photographer Joined by a Charming Lion Cub Photo Assistant.”


A wildlife photographer in Africa is warming hearts on the internet by posting a picture of the lovable photo assistant that accompanied him on a recent outdoor expedition.

Djamel Hadj Aissa is a freelance photojournalist and devoted wildlife photographer located in Ghardaïa, Algeria. He boasts a substantial following on his Instagram account, where he showcases stunning photographs of various wildlife, including snakes, birds, and primates.

In February, one of Djamel’s posts went viral, and it wasn’t an image of a wild animal. Instead, it was a photograph of himself alongside the unusual companion he had brought along for the shoot: a lion cub.

According to The Epoch Times, Djamel is a member of a well-known family in Algeria that established the first private zoo in the North African nation. The family presently possesses six zoos in six different cities.

The lion cub he took on his journey was one born in his own backyard.

Djamel shared, “Since it was her first time, she sat on my chair and watched what I was doing. My nephew, Fayçal, seized the chance to capture photos and videos of us during this extraordinary moment. When people saw us in this pose, both looking in the same direction, they really loved the photo.”

Following the photo’s release on social media, Djamel encountered comments from skeptical individuals who questioned the authenticity of the image. To address these concerns, the photographer posted a video of himself alongside his adorable companion.

Djamel’s interest in photography was sparked during his teenage years when, at the age of 15, he received a camera as a gift from his father’s professional photographer friend. He later spent several decades working as a press photographer before transitioning to wildlife photography in the mid-2010s and focusing on personal passion projects.

His current aspiration is to expand his career as a photographer, possibly working as a foreign correspondent for an international agency or media organization to finance his ongoing passion for wildlife photography.

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