Photographer Demonstrates Rapid Grizzly Bear Attacks in Thrilling Video.


A photographer has shown the astonishing speed at which a grizzly bear can launch an attack in a video that has recently gained attention online.

In the gripping video, wildlife photographer Aaron Teasdale arranges his camera to record the moment a 22-year-old grizzly bear is returned to the wild in The Whitefish Range, Montana, U.S.

As stated in Teasdale’s Instagram post, the massive bear had been causing issues by entering chicken coops. Consequently, officials from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) chose to capture and relocate the bear to a remote location.

The photographer anticipated the grizzly bear would dash toward a nearby creek upon being set free. Consequently, he arranged his camera on a tripod in preparation.

However, the massive creature had different plans and seemed determined to retaliate against the humans who had dared to capture him.

Instead, Teasdale’s camera managed to capture a grizzly bear attack from an incredibly close and direct viewpoint.

In the video, the grizzly bear bursts out of the trap with remarkable power and swiftly charges toward the photographer’s camera with intense speed.

The animal aggressively rushes towards the camera with its mouth wide open and forcefully topples the camera tripod in just a few seconds.

“Watch how he bursts out of the trap as soon as the door is lifted high. Then he almost brings the camera along with him,” Teasdale describes in the caption.

The Sheer Speed of a Grizzly Bear.

The video showcases the incredible speed and strength of these massive animals, giving a glimpse of what it might feel like to encounter a grizzly bear attack up close.

Teasdale’s video was filmed in September 2018. Nevertheless, the footage has recently resurfaced and gained attention through publications like Advnture and The Manual in the past few weeks.

The Manual highlights that the photographer’s video illustrates the rapid and unpredictable nature of grizzly bear attacks. Despite their large size and heavy build, grizzly bears possess remarkably powerful front legs and can swiftly outpace a human.

As stated by the National Wildlife Federation, the grizzly bear is the swiftest among the eight bear species, capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 mph.

Grizzly bears possess prominent, muscle-covered shoulder blades that provide the force for their front legs, enabling them to run and dig. Additionally, they have formidable claws that can grow over four inches in length, aiding them in gaining traction on soft ground.

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