Perico goes viral by mocking Jehovah’s Witnesses and making you wait for 30 minutes


Jhosua, owner of the bird, narrated that when he got home, he found some Jehovah’s Witnesses, who had been listening for 30 minutes “here I go.”

On TikTok, the story of a parakeet went viral for deceiving some Jehovah’s Witnesses, who were outside a house for 30 minutes waiting for someone to open it after repeatedly hearing “here I go.”

The witnesses indicated in the video that they had been confused since the bird was the one who repeated the phrase that had the missionaries hopeful to be able to share their beliefs at the door of Jhosua.

«I am arriving at the house and there were some Jehovah’s Witnesses. I ask them what is offered to them. They tell me ‘we are waiting for them to open us because there is a person who is saying ‘here I go, here I go’. And since there is no one, I am alone. It is a parakeet that we have that knocks on the door and says ‘here I come’. And well, this madman – the parakeet – there he has 30 minutes waiting for the Jehovah’s Witnesses because he is telling them ‘here I go, here I go,’ commented the parrot’s finger.

@jhosuargz Pobres Testigos, los tenía esperando y nunca les abrió ??? #mexico #loro ♬ sonido original – Jhosua el Mexi

The video has already reached more than 9 million views and has already reached more than 13 thousand comments. The boy’s profile only has 3 videos, so the virality has given him a push to have about 27 thousand followers.

No more was heard from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jhosua says in the video that when he said he lived alone, they did nothing but withdraw. Meanwhile, this bird has earned the laughter of millions of users on the internet.

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