Perico became popular by making fun of Jehovah’s Witnesses and making people wait for half an hour.


When Joshua got home, he found some Jehovah’s Witnesses who had been listening for half an hour. Joshua, who owns the bird, said, “Here I go.”

A parakeet’s story on TikTok became very popular because it tricked some Jehovah’s Witnesses. They waited outside a house for half an hour, thinking someone was inside because they kept hearing “here I go.”

The witnesses in the video said they were confused because the bird kept repeating a phrase that made the missionaries hopeful they could share their beliefs with Jhosua.

I arrived at the house and there were some Jehovah’s Witnesses. I asked them what they were waiting for. They told me they were waiting for someone to open the door, because they heard a parakeet saying “here I come”. Since no one opened the door, they had to wait for 30 minutes, while the parakeet kept repeating “here I come”. The parrot’s finger commented on the situation.

@jhosuargz Pobres Testigos, los tenía esperando y nunca les abrió ??? #mexico #loro ♬ sonido original – Jhosua el Mexi

The video has been viewed by over 9 million people and has received over 13 thousand comments. The boy only has 3 videos on his profile, but the video’s popularity has helped him gain around 27 thousand followers.

Jhosua said in the video that when he said he lived alone, Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped talking to him. At the same time, this bird made millions of people on the internet laugh.

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